Why should kids learn BJJ?

Life today certainly isn't easier on kids as it was in the past.  There is a constant flood of media directed at kids that tell them who they are, what to like, who to hang around and what to strive to become. There are many pitfalls from bullying, drugs, gangs and all kinds of peer pressure around each corner for kids today.  Parents and teachers simply can't be everywhere so without proper training our kids are sent out in the world with little chance to succeed.  Giving your child the ability to deal with life only helps them succeed.

Our kid's BJJ program is divided into two age groups (4-8yr olds & 9-13yr olds). A lot of time and effort went into the development of the kid's program and in addition to learning the fundamental techniques of BJJ and learning to apply them effectively, we also focus on physical fitness, character development, discipline and implementing core attributes we feel that are necessary to excel in our program and in life.  All kid's classes are run by our experienced BJJ black belts.

Burnaby Bjj provides countless benefits to the kids that train it. Here are a few benefits:  

* Self Esteem
* Self Confidence
* Self Control
* Self Defense
* Anti-Bully Tactics
* Improved Overall Fitness
* Improved Attention Spans
* Improved Motor Skills
* Improved Social Skills
* Improved Life Skills


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